7 Common Questions of Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted armpit hair, embarrassing upper lip hair and the less than desirable need to constantly be shaving our legs, has women finally saying “hello, beautiful” to laser hair removal.  Across the country this treatment is becoming a no brainer for women looking to break free from their razor- and get back to enjoying life- bare legs and all.

But just like anything in life, questions and concerns will arise.  Do you have questions about laser hair removal?  Great!  We have your go-to guide for all the things you need to know- and even the questions you’re too embarrassed to ask.


Let’s get started:

Does It Hurt?

Probably the number one question asked by interested patients is: “Does it hurt?”  And the answer is… not really.  While it doesn’t “hurt” per se, it does sting.  Described as being quickly “snapped by a rubber band,” the pain only lasts the time it takes to zap each hair follicle- 1 millisecond.  Still, we feel the smooth touch is worth the sting, and many patients agree!


How Do I Prepare?

For women wondering what to do with their body hair before the treatment, it’s often a relief to find that you do not have to let it grow out, as if being waxed.  Instead it is mandatory that you shave the area prior to your arrival, to allow the laser to go directly to the root of your hair.  With that being said- don’t ever wax before a treatment.


What Exactly Is the “Bikini Area”… And What If I’m A Bit Modest?

While the bikini area is certainly the area underneath of your underwear, you can choose exactly where- and how much- to have removed.

But have no fears regarding your privacy or modesty during your treatments.  Our medically trained staff respects your feelings and would never push you outside of your comfort zone.  You are fully covered throughout your treatment, except for the area being treated at the time, and discretion is our top priority.


Are There Any Risks?

The only risks associated with laser hair removal is in regards to eye damage.  However, since both yourself and the professional operating the laser will be wearing goggles to protect your eyes, this should not present any issues whatsoever.


Is It Permanent?

Laser hair removal is permanent hair reduction, as opposed to everlasting hair removal.  Maintenance treatments are a common occurrence for many patients; and while laser removal does destroy current hair follicles, new follicles can develop due to changes in weight or hormones.


Does It Work On All Skin Types and Hair Color?

For the most part, laser hair removal DOES work on almost every skin type.  The difference comes in the type of laser used, depending on the skin pigment.  Furthermore, while still possible, blonde, gray and light red hair tends to be a more difficult process to treat.  It is important to discuss all of your options with the trained staff.


How Long Does It Take?

Finally, many people are curious to know just how long this treatment takes.  The actual time varies depending on what is being treated, but each actual hair follicle takes 1 millisecond to zap away.

That being said, the armpit area takes roughly 5 minutes, while the legs could take up to an hour.  However, it is important to note that one treatment will not suffice to remove all hair.  4-6 treatments are recommended, depending on the area and the patient, to fully enjoy a hair-free touch.

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