What is Mesotherapy and How Does It Work?

Mesotherapy is a quick and simple procedure for permanent fat loss with minimal downtime and cost.


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What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a tried and true procedure using fat dissolving injections with a tiny needle, resulting in permanent fat removal from any area of the face or body. At Anew You, we use the same ingredient as Kybella, which is custom compounded for our clinic and allows you to have the same results as Kybellla at at fraction of the price. Mesotherapy can be used to permanently remove fat from under the Chin, Jowls, Eye Pads, Bra Fat, Flanks, Abdomen, Thighs, Breasts (men), Arms, or any Area of the Body or Face!

What are advantages of Mesotherapy injections?

Mesotherapy is an ideal option for men and women that want a less expensive, non-surgical, minimal down time, and effective treatment for permanent fat loss.

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  • Provides permanent fat loss with small injections performed with a tiny needle and minimal pain.

  • Provides permanent results without surgery or risks of anesthesia.

  • Has minimal side effects.

  • Has minimal downtime.

  • Results in fat removal through natural bodilly functions.

  • Is effective in reducing celllutlite.


How Many Sessions Are Needed?

Most patients require 4 to 6 sessions per area. 4 sessions typically give a good permanent result. The sessions can be performed at about 2 week intervals or more, depending upon your schedule. We are open at night and on Saturdays to accommodate your busy schedule!


Are there any Side Effects?

Side effects are relatively minimal for this procedure. Immediately after the injection, a mild burning sensation may be felt about 3 minutes after the injection that lasts for about 5 minutes or so. In the few days following the proceudure, depending upon the site and how much of the medication is injectioned, you may have some mild redness and swelling. During your consultation, we can give you a more accurate estimate of the amount of swelling you may have. Generally speaking, the procedure results in minimal downtime with very little recovery time and gives excellent, permanent results!

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