Those pesky marionette (puppet) lines…

If you’re past the age of 30, you surely know what these lines are. The perpetual downturned smile, sad face, resting “mean” (RBH) face. Your true positive attitude does not show through in your face.

triangle before and after.JPG

How do we correct this? Some doctors or “injectors” may suggest filler in the marionette lines. THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO GO. These lines begin to appear because as we age, we naturally lose tissue which includes bone, muscle, fat, collagen, and elastin. These tissues are normally present in our youth in the upper face, providing the scaffolding of the younger appearing “V Shaped” face. As we age, loss of these tissues results in a “square shape” or even “upside down V-shape”.

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The proper way to correct these changes is a combination of procedures to restore our youthful V Shape. At Anew You, our Marionette Combo is the best nonsurgical marionette line correction available and was specially designed by Sherry Wehner, MD after successfully using her techniques on hundreds of patients.

Dr. Sherry’s Marionette Procedure consists of 3 Steps:

1. Botox injection under the mouth to help with the downturned smile

dao (2).jpg

There is a muscle at the corner of the mouth called the Depressor Anguli Oris.  Sounds complicated, but it actually means “depresses the angle of the mouth.”  A little bit of Botox here goes a long way to relax this muscle and help turn up the corners of the mouth, helping to suppress that perpetual “sad face.”


2. PDO Threads in the lower face to raise and lift the “jowl” area

PDO Threads are the hottest new nonsurgical aesthetic treatment on the market, and Dr. Sherry Wehner is a premiere national trainer for other doctors on this technique.  The threads are used to lift and pull skin and regenerate collage and elastin, restoring your youthful V -Shape.  They are safe and effective and require no anesthesia or significant downtime, and are cost-effective as well!

pdo jowl.JPG

3. Filler in the jawline and at the corners of the mouth (NOT IN THE ACTUAL MARIONETTE LINES) to correct the pre-jowl sulcus and assist the Botox in correcting the downturned smile


Would you like Dr. Sherry Wehner MD to help get rid of your jowls and regain your natural, youthful V-Shape?

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