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Ladies and Gentlemen, please step into The Drip Room, it’s time to be revitalized.  Popping up around the world, intravenous (IV) clinics and “Drip Bars” are becoming one of the trendiest- and most effective- ways to cure- or at least ease- almost anything that ails you. 

From the common cold to asthma to chronic illnesses, such as Fibromyalgia, IV treatments are rapidly becoming a go-to method of care.  Even the every day beauty routine is benefited by a quick visit to the Drip Room, such as the one offered at Anew You in San Antonio, Texas.  With vitamin drip options, tailored specifically to your needs, you can now combat jetlag and fatigue or enhance the nutrients, and in turn the appearance, of your hair and nails.


So How Does It Work?

Each treatment at ANEW You is approximately 60 minutes long and is always directed by a licensed doctor or nurse.  The custom IV cocktails, made up of vitamins, minerals and other natural substances, are administered through the IV, directly into your blood stream.


Why Not Just Take Vitamins

A complete and consistent vitamin regiment is ALWAYS encouraged, and in no way should visits to the Drip Room, or any IV clinic, act as a substitute for your daily dose of nutrients.  However, as we age, our body loses its natural ability to metabolize and absorb nutrients through our digestive system.  Additional health issues or medications can make it that much harder to fully absorb the beneficial qualities of an every day multi-vitamin.

Enter the IV drip treatment to the picture to get a more concentrated dose into the body, to begin feeling better, faster.  And while the first IV was introduced in 1832, by Thomas Latta during a cholera epidemic, the popular trend of visiting IV spas after a late night, long trip or to cure an ailment has exploded in the last 5 years.

How Often and Why Should I Visit?

Depending on the circumstance, a one-time visit may do the trick.  For people recovering from a long night celebrating, a drip of potassium, sodium, vitamins, Toradol (known as a “super ibuprofen”) and possibly Zofran (an anti-nausea agent) can help them onto the road of recovery, right away.

Cold and flu sufferers can benefit by a cocktail of potassium, vitamin C and B complex as well, to aid in a boost of energy, when the body is fighting to heal itself.  A few visits during your winter bug will have you well on your way to a clearer head.

But while every visit to the Drip Room is beneficial, it is proven to be MOST effective when the patient visits multiple times a month, especially when combating chronic illnesses.

Here at Anew You in San Antonio we offer IV therapy in a luxurious spa atmosphere.

Here at Anew You in San Antonio we offer IV therapy in a luxurious spa atmosphere.

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