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Dr. Sherry and the Anew You staff have over 30 years of laser experience.  We offer new and innovative laser procedures to our patients.  Anew You Med Spa provide all types of  laser treatment packages.  Let our team take care of your laser needs. 


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popular treatments

Tattoo Removal

$160 per Small | $190 per Medium | $210 per Large

Laser Hair Removal

$89 per Small | $179 per Medium | $389 per Large

set of 6 treatments of Laser Hair Removal

Small $1000 | Medium $1,500 | Large $2,000

Laser Carbon Peel

$120 per tx

Onychomycosis (Nail Fungus)

$80 per Area

Spider veins and Telangiectasia

$40 & up

Rosecea, redness

$120 per tx


$300 per Area

Skin Rejuvenation

Sun Damage

$200 per tx

Stretch Marks

$350 per tx

Fine Lines & Wrinkles

$600 per tx


$300 per tx

Scars (depressed and raised)

$80 & up

Acne Scars (Deep)

$500 per tx


$300 per tx

Large Pores

$250 per tx


Freckles, Sun Spots, & Age Spots

$125 per Macule

Melasma, ABNOM, Nevus of Ota

$280 per tx

Uneven Skin Tone

$200 per tx

Cafe au Laite Spots

$80 per tx

Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation of Skin (PIH)

$250 per tx

Portwine Stains, Birthmark

$250 per tx



Moles, Skin Tags, & Warts

$15 per Small | $20 per Medium | $40 per Large

Sebaceous Cysts, Milia, & Acne

$40 & up

Laser Hair Removal at Anew You San Antonio

Why Laser Hair Removal?

Both men and women find Laser Hair Removal to relieve the frustration, high-maintenance, and embarrassment of unwanted hair. Laser Hair Removal is a non-invasive procedure prompted to remove unwanted facial or body hair. The most popular treatment areas are legs, underarms, bikini, back, and face.

Is it Right for You?

Laser Hair Removal is ideal for men and women with unwanted hair. Patients should be in good health, be able to understand the treatment and anticipated results, as well as be able to commit to multiple treatments.

Laser Hair Removal at Anew You

We provide the most advanced & efficient lasers that warrants the best results. Patients are able to shave both prior and between treatments and the treatment is nearly painless. With each quick pulse of the laser, only a mild sensation will be felt, no anesthesia is required during the treatments.

Laser Hair Removal Recovery

No downtime is required after a Laser Hair Removal treatment. Right after the treatment there may be some mild redness but it will diminish within the first hour after. Our Estheticians are available and knowledgeable of products that will help maintain beautiful, smooth skin.


Want to say goodbye to that unwanted hair?

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