5 Fresh Face Treatments For A Younger Generation

At Anew You Spa, we regularly hear younger women dismiss the idea of face treatments, merely because of their age. There seems to be a widely believed misconception that facelifts or other procedures benefiting the face, are only for women above a certain age. In fact, with new and innovative technology, there are more options and treatments for women of all ages, than ever before. And even better, many of these treatments are non-invasive, making it a more realistic option at any stage of your life.

So if you are still young, but seem to be showing some signs of aging, combat the issue early on to ensure a better overall look, down the road. Here are some options available at Anew You to consider, especially for younger candidates.


Drop the Double Chin

We know that the dreaded reverse camera on our smart phones these days does nothing to reassure our fears about our double chins. For fat that once made you look full of life, the fat hanging beneath your chin, tends to droop faster than others, leaving you with an aged face and unflattering at many angles.  Finally, there are ways to combat this with invasive technology.

Coolsculpting is revolutionizing the way medical professionals can get rid of unwanted fat cells and it is making heads turn left and right. One option is the CoolMini, which uses the Coolsculpting technology to eliminate a double chin for good. It works by freezing the fat cells away- so that you never have to go under the knife, for the fat to go away under your chin!

Botox Your Creases Away

While we like to think of the creases being caused by years of too much laughing and smiling, we do understand that the thin lines and creases surrounding your eyes, brows and forehead can be seen as unwanted signs of aging.

With Botox, an injectable that works to block signals from certain nerves to muscles, you are left with minimized wrinkles and creases, which last up to 3 months.


ThermiSmooth Face

If a smoother face is what you want in your future, consider the benefits of a controllable and non-invasive treatment called ThermiSmooth. With ThermiSmooth, a medical professional physically controls the gently heated hand piece that goes over your skin’s surface to heat the tissue. The results are a smoother skin surface- without the down time.


Fill the Void

If a more youthful face all around is what you are looking for, then consider injectable filler, such as Juvederm Voluma. Unlike other fillers that only fill the creases, Voluma actually restores volume back to your mid-cheek area.

While there are notable differences between using Voluma and an actual facelift, Voluma is perfect for younger patients who need to add a pep back into their step, without surgery.


Vampire Facelift

Ready to get a little vampy… in a good way? This non-invasive procedure, performed at Anew You Spa, uses your own plasma and natural fillers to smooth out the lines and wrinkles on your face. But unlike the vampires you see in the movies, the blood drawn from your body- in very small quantities- is then re-injected to improve, restore and rejuvenate the texture and tone of your skin.

Wanna see if one of these treatments will give you the results you're looking for, no matter the age?!

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