Welcome to Anew You Weight Loss and Medical Spa in San Antonio

Anew You San Antonio is a new upscale medical weight loss center and med spa destination in the heart of San Antonio offering a complete day spa experience with cutting edge medical technology and wellness services.

Anew You combines the most innovative medical technology in lasers, injections, medical weight loss, beauty and wellness services.

Our unique and modern spa addresses the patients as a whole and offers a thoughtful assembly of services and products under the philosophy that inner well-being and health is essential to outer beautification. 

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AbOUT Dr. Sherry

Sherry Wehner, MD ("Dr. Sherry") is the Medical Director and Owner of Anew You Medical Weight Loss and Spa located in the heart of beautiful San Antonio Texas.


helps her to better identify the skin issues that her patients present, allowing her to offer a more comprehensive treatment plan targeting any underlying issues and allowing her to treat the patient from the inside out. She no longer wants to just identify skin problems, she wants to treat them, and treat the person underneath the skin as well.  She wants to share her experience with her patients and help them discover a new look, a new lifestyle, a new purpose, A new “you”.

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Dr. Sherry was selected by the largest national aesthetics training company to train doctors on botox and filler application.