Get Prepared to Be Bare with Laser Hair Removal

No matter where you are, chances are that you are still bundling up- at least at night- as the winter months make way for a very welcomed spring. You can practically smell the flowers preparing to bloom, as you daydream of sitting poolside throughout the hot, summer months. But being prepared for the warmer months means more than swapping out your wardrobe for short sleeves and barely there bikinis. It’s time to start thinking about getting your unwanted body hair in place- or rather out of- in time for summer.

For smooth skin that lasts longer, laser hair removal is the way to go for the unwanted or embarrassing hair that takes too much time to wax, shave or pluck. Some areas don’t even have to wait until summer; both men and women can address their back, chest, face and legs throughout the colder months. We know it seems a bit too soon to be concentrating on your bikini area, but in fact, this is the perfect time to start!

When those warmer months are approaching, get started sooner, to be flawlessly smooth by beach time. Still think it’s too early? We’ll show you why NOW is the time to act.

The Perfect Touch Process

Depending on the area you are getting laser hair removal, it may require multiple sessions to ensure a perfectly smooth touch. For some areas, this could mean 1-3 visits, while others could require visits spread out over the course of a few months. No matter what, by starting earlier, you are ensuring that come summer time you are hair free and ready to make a splash.

Sun Free Zone

Exposure to sun is actually a two-part issue when getting laser hair removal. While it is perfectly fine- and expected- to flaunt your bare legs, there is an initial time period that you must wait following your laser treatment. So by addressing your areas during the winter months, there will be no concerns about jumping into the sun too early after your hair removal.

On the other side of the coin, laser hair removal while enduring a sunburn is never recommended. Since sunburns are legitimate damage to the skin, a laser treatment would only agitate the sensitive skin. Furthermore, tanned skin has the possibility of being more resistant to removing unwanted hairs, while paler skin allows the laser to better pinpoint the hair follicles. For this reason alone, we at Anew You, recommend taking advantage of your paler, winter skin to avoid any complications all together.

As you can see, now is the time to act if you’re dreaming of a sun-kissed and smooth beach body this summer. Before you know it, vacations will be planned and days by the pool will be enjoyed, so don’t miss your chance to be care free- while being hair free.

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