New Moms: Ways to Feel Like You Again

Becoming a mother is one of the most transformative journeys a woman is blessed to experience. However, with a new bundle of joy to care for, it can be difficult to get back to the routine you had before the baby. Your strong, beautiful body has gone through physical, emotional, and mental stressors over a course of 9 months, and things have changed. Whether this is your 1st child or your 5th, focusing on your postpartum needs is key.

Between the diaper changes and feedings, you can easily forget to make time for yourself. That’s why we’ve outlined tips for keeping yourself healthy and feeling like yourself again after having a baby.

Make Time for Yourself to Workout

Carrying your newborn, the diaper bag and stroller around can feel like a workout. However, fitting a real workout into your schedule will do more to relieve stress and release feel-good endorphins. Exercise helps to build the strength you need to carry your growing baby. Plus, the workouts will help you fit back into your regular clothes in no time. Besides the physical benefits, exercise classes like ours provide the opportunities to make new friends and find other mommas to connect with.

Eat Well

Eating well and having a healthy meal plan assures your body is getting the right vitamins and nutrients it needs. This is especially important if you are breastfeeding. Consider talking to a doctor or nutritionist about which foods are best for your body to help your newborn develop and grow. A good nutrition plan and plenty of vitamins will also give you the energy you need as a new mom.

Get Out of the House

Although you’ll want to spend every waking moment with your baby, setting aside time to catch up with girlfriends or treat yourself to a spa day will give you a needed break, so you can return to your little one feeling recharged. You are a mom, but you’re still human! Massages, facials or grabbing a coffee or a juice with a friend will help add some balance to your life.

Take an Extra Step to Feel Your Best

Sometimes exercise, diet, and social life aren’t enough, and that is okay! Many women go through physical and mental changes which require a little extra help to get through. Seeing a doctor to help you remove some of that extra love you’ve gained or rebalance hormone levels is perfectly normal. Many medical spas offer treatments and packages specially designed to help new moms get back in the swing of things. Your body just went through the miracle of creating life, and you deserve to look and feel your best afterward.