Am I a CoolSculpting Candidate?

With all the buzz surrounding CoolSculpting these days, you may feel more intrigued than ever before; but with constant trends and fads in the weight loss industry, jumping on board of a new method or plan can leave you wary.

At Anew You San in Antonio, we understand your concerns about new techniques AND your desire to safely eliminate unwanted fat from your problem areas.  That’s why we’ve taken the guessing game out of CoolSculpting, so you can discover not only the benefits, but if this is the revolutionary method meant for you!  We have a feeling you’ll be just as excited as we are when you’re done!

Gender Specific?

While it’s true that men and women definitely show and store fat in different problem areas, CoolSculpting is just as effective in men, as it is in women.  Whether you’re a woman carrying unwanted fat in your hips, or a man with a certified “beer belly”, the CoolSculpting process is guaranteed to rid you of those undesirable fat cells.


Where Does It Work?

EVERYWHERE!  The beauty of CoolSculpting is not only the ability to work anywhere with prominent fat cells, but that your CoolSculpting treatment plan can be tailored specifically to you.  Much like you would take measurements for a suit, your clinician would go over each individual body part with you, to determine the post-treatment measurements you desire.  From a whittled down muffin top to a flattened tummy, CoolScupting gets you a plan designed just for you.


Does Surgery Make You Hesitant?

If you answered yes, than set your worries aside!  CoolScultping is a non-evasive, out patient procedure- with no needles and no downtime!  With no anesthesia or medication necessary for this targeted, fat-zapping method either, you are free to read a book, relax or talk endlessly on the phone.  Bottom line is: no surgery? No problem.

Is a Weight Loss Plan A Better Fit For You?

Unlike fat loss through dieting and exercising alone, CoolSculpting actually REMOVES the fat cells, instead of just shrinking them.  Rather than leaving cells that could get big again, CoolSculpting eliminates those cells, with no chance that they’ll come back.  And unlike weight loss that takes a minimum of 6 weeks to start showing minimal results, you can start to see changes in your body as early as 3 weeks.  From then on, the most dramatic results will take place within 4- 12 weeks, leaving you with a lastingly sculpted body.


We all want to put our best foot forward and look our best.  While we always recommend a healthy diet and lifestyle at Anew You, we also understand the frustration of stubborn fat cells.  Invasive, costly and time- draining surgeries are becoming a thing of the past, especially if you aren’t exceedingly overweight to begin with.  Never before has there been the technology or the tools available, like CoolSculpting, to make your dreams of slimming down- without the pain- a true reality. We would like to offer you a complimentary consultation with one of our CoolSculpting technicians here at Anew You, located in San Antonio.  Visit our CoolSculpting page for more information!

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