5 Benefits of CoolSculpting You'll Want to Know For Bathing Suit Season!

It’s just about bathing suit season again and already our clients are beginning to inquire about ways to shape up before they strut out onto the beaches this summer. And while, at ANEW You, we always emphasize the importance of an overall healthy diet and fitness regiment, we are excited to talk about some of the hottest techniques in the industry, too- and for us that means giving you the 411 on the benefits of CoolSculpting.



For so many people, the concept of going under the knife is enough to deter them from even getting to the point of speaking with a physician about their options. However, with CoolSculpting, the entire process is done via a gel pad and controlled cooling technique that gently freezes the fat cells within the targeted area. With no knives or pain, many people relax, rest or even catch up on their communications.


You Can Finally Spot Reduce

How many times have you heard a fitness professional or doctor state that there are no ways to specifically target and spot reduce areas of fat on your body? While this is 100% true for exercising, it is, in fact, possible through CoolSculpting.

During your initial consultation with your specialist, you can show them exactly the areas you want to reduce your pockets of fat, getting results with up to 25% fat loss in those exact areas. Going into your treatment appointment you will already know that you will see a specific reduction on your trouble spots and stubborn areas.



It’s Affordable

If you have decided that getting help is necessary to help you shed the unwanted and stubborn fat from your body, then CoolSculpting is nearly always more affordable than procedures such as liposuction. While it ultimately depends on how much work you have done, it is hard to conceive of liposuction ever being the more economical option over CoolSculpting.

Not only is the actual procedure cheaper, but also with an invasive method such as liposuction, there will be obvious downtime to allow your body to heal. Inevitably, this results in time off from work or using your hard-earned vacation hours for recovery instead of fun.


You’ll Get a Mental Boost

Can we admit that when we look better, we feel better? There’s nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy they way we look and feel- and being in shape is a great way to boost our spirits all around.

Following your CoolSculpting procedure, you will begin to see the amazing results, as the fat cells die away and your slimmer look begins to take shape. What comes next is a stronger concept of body image, enjoyable outings with friends and family and feeling comfortable in your own skin. All of these positive experiences will help to boost your self-esteem and overall mental health.

Say Goodbye For Good

Finally, the biggest benefit of CoolSculpting is that you are actually eliminating the fat cells for good. Through this technique, you aren’t simply shrinking cells that could enlarge again, but actually freezing them until their cell walls collapse and they are naturally eliminated from your body once and for all. 

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