How CoolSculpting Can Be the Perfect Compliment To Your Weight Loss Journey

Look at you go- the exercise, dieting and overall healthier lifestyle is certainly paying off. It’s clear that you made a goal to get fit, so congratulations on finally seeing the results we know you worked so hard for.

Still, it can be easy to get discouraged when you’ve been giving it your all and yet, small pockets of stubborn fat remain. And when exactly should you start your CoolSculpting treatments- before, middle or after? Let’s dive into exactly how AND when to use CoolSculpting to compliment all of your hard work:


CoolSculpting & your diet or weight loss plan! CoolSculpting in San Antonio at Anew You Med Spa.

What Exactly Is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a fat-freezing, FDA-approved treatment for the non-invasive reduction of fat cells. Using a controlled cooling technology, CoolSculpting can address problem areas anywhere along your body with “pinchable” fat.

After the pain free treatment, patients are able to continue with their day as normal, as the now frozen cells begin to break down internally. Eventually- typically within 12 weeks- permanent results will be visible as the fat cells have been naturally eliminated from your body.


So, What Does This Mean?

Now that you know it takes upwards of 12 full weeks to see the results (though some start to see them within 6 weeks), some of you may be wondering, “when should I get started?”

The answer? Whenever it makes sense for you.

Typically, our patients use CoolSculpting in one of two ways. Group A typically helps to springboard their transformation with the CoolSculpting process, knowing full well that seeing the incredible results from the treatment will help to spur them into action to see it through.

Group B uses motivation in the reverse- first losing the weight on their own through proper nutrition and exercise, and then rewarding their efforts with CoolSculpting to help fine-tune the remaining areas.


Coolsculpting working with your diet and weight loss plan in San Antonio!

No matter how you decide to use CoolSculpting in your weight loss journey, the important thing is that you’re focusing on your health- and CoolSculpting will do nothing but add to the amazing after photos. For some patients who have maintained a fit lifestyle their whole lives, CoolSculpting is a sought after treatment to help target problem areas as they age, understanding that sometimes diet and exercise don’t always keep all the fat cells at bay- especially as we get older.

If you feel like CoolSculpting would be the perfect kick-starter to your journey- or you’re ready to reward yourself for taking control of your old habits, schedule a consult with us today at Anew You. We look forward to celebrating your successes with you as you become a brand-new person- after all it’s in our name!

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