Achieving the Look You Want - Why Men Should Consider CoolSculpting

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Becoming FDA approved for aiding in the removal of fat in 2010, CoolSculpting has been changing the cosmetic world ever since. With procedures to help eliminate stubborn, unwanted fat cells throughout the entire body, it offers a safe, non-invasive and more economical option over surgeries such as liposuction.

The revolutionary treatment works by safely “freezing” the fat cells beneath the skin with a specifically designed cryolipolysis machine. Within a short office visit- typically between 30- 60 minutes- patients can walk out ready to continue their day without any downtime or pain. While every treatment is customized by a specialist for your particular needs, some people can achieve the results they want in as little as one office visit. With the fat cells frozen they begin to “die” immediately and over the following weeks your body will naturally eliminate them completely. Once gone, the fat cells never return, providing incredible, long-term results. Still, CoolSculpting has been mainly seen as a go-to procedure for women- and we’re ready to change that.


Why Men Should Consider CoolSculpting

In short, why not? Similar to the concerns women have with unwanted body fat, men also have areas they wish to correct. Additionally, CoolSculpting is just as effective on the male body as it is on the female body- leaving no concern for futile treatments.

Men's CoolSculpting in San Antonio at Anew You Med Spa.

CoolSculpting promises to create the results you want in 1-3 sessions for every body part you wish to trim:

  • Stomach
  • Legs
  • Flanks (Love Handles)
  • Breast
  • Back
  • Arms
  • Chin

CoolSculpting allows both men and women to enjoy a slimmer and fitter form without worrying about:

  • Invasive and painful surgery
  • Recovery or prep time
  • Excessive health expenses

Breast Reduction For Men

Possibly one of the most significant applications of CoolSculpting for men is the removal of unusually large fat pockets in the breasts. Typically caused by a condition known as Gynecomastia, the increase of breast cells is a result of excess or fluctuations in hormones.

CoolSculpting for Men and Women in San Antonio at Anew You Med Spa

The often-embarrassing condition for men can now be successfully treated with CoolSculpting as opposed to the normal process of a traditional breast reduction. It is worth noting however, that for both men and women, CoolSculpting only effects the fat cells- not tissue- and so any individual with an excess of breast tissue would still need to consider a corrective surgery for optimal results.


At the end of the day there is absolutely no reason why a man (or a woman) should not consider the incredible benefits of CoolSculpting. With fast, painless and easy to accomplish treatments, your body can easily be contoured to deliver the look you want without the fear of going under the knife or an attack on your bank account. At Anew You, we welcome the opportunity to show you all of the fantastic results our patients of both sexes have had with CoolSculpting, so don’t wait until bathing suit season is already upon us- book your consult today!

Ready. Set. Freeze.

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