Saying Goodbye to Your Tired & Dry Winter Skin

Well HELLO, Springtime! The birds are chirping and slowly, but surely, the weather is warming up. It’s almost time to say goodbye for good to the fluffy hats, long sleeves and dry, cracked skin! But after a winter of cold, harsh temperatures, our skin can wind up lacking its moisture and youthful touch. Thankfully, a quick trip to ANEW You can leave you walking back out the door with a fresh glow ready to go!

So what are some go-to treatments to get your skin back its springtime softness? While there are some easy ways to start the process, like increasing your water intake, exfoliating your dead skin and using a quality moisturizer, the real magic is in spa treatments like dermaplaning or a good ol’fashioned facial.


Dermaplaning is a must after a long, cold winter! This pain-free exfoliation treatment uses a scalpel to slowly “shave” your dead skin away over the course of 60 minutes. Not only will you rid yourself of heavy and unwanted dead skin, but the overall result is a smoother face- free of makeup residue, oils and baby hairs along your cheekbones. With dermaplaning, you come in with tired and dry skin and leave radiating with youth.


When it comes to a facial, the sky is the limit! From a basic skin boosting treatment to one of our deluxe facials, like the Triple Cure or 24 Karat Gold, the options are endless and the results are unstoppable.

Throughout your treatment, your skin will reap the benefits of quality products and vitamins, innovative techniques and ultimate pampering as it is brought back to its naturally beautiful state.

And while every treatment offers a slightly different benefit- from exfoliation and toning to an exciting Cinderella Facial with pumpkin-based products with Vitamin A and C- we guarantee a newfound love for facials and the glowing skin you’ll have!

Ready to ditch the tired & dry winter skin?! 

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