Let's Talk About ThermiVa!

Though some women may blush at the notion of vaginal rejuvenation, the truth is that this noninvasive and transformative treatment is actually more beneficial than most people think. From genetics to childbirth to the natural process of aging, it is very common for the female anatomy to change over time. Thankfully, there is new and revolutionary technology that helps to reverse the results- and provide relief from discomfort in the process!

Before you say “NO WAY” to vaginal rejuvenation, consider these 4 benefits of using ThermiVa to get your pep back in your step…


ThermiVa helps women with Vaginal discomfort due to age & childbirth. Anew You Meds Spa is a certified practice in San Antonio, TX with Dr. Sherry.

Every aging woman can attest to the eventual loosening of vaginal skin, tissue- specifically surrounding the labia. While this occurs naturally over time, certain life occasions, such as childbirth, can intensify the stretching or disfigurement of this area.

At Anew You, we understand that not only is this potentially embarrassing for women, but that it can lead to discomfort, as well. Through the same technology that tightens the skin on your face, ThermiVa will restore your vaginal tissue with pain-free radio frequencies to a tighter state than when you walked through the front door.


One of the lingering results from natural childbirth is the issue of weakened pelvic floor muscles. With increased pressure from carrying a growing child for 9 months to the stress created through the process of childbirth, the aftermath can be a mild to severe case of incontinence.

However incontinence isn’t reserved just for women who gave birth vaginally. Instead, age also plays a major role in weakened muscles, potentially causing awkward moments of involuntary urine leakage. ThermiVa can treat this issue through the tightening of tissue in the vaginal region, leaving you able to enjoy activities more- without the worry of an incident in the meantime.

Increased Stimulation

Probably one of the most rewarding benefits of the ThermiVa treatment for women is the ability to not only improve their sexual stimulation, but enjoyment as well, with renewed vaginal tightness.

Many women experience increased moisture, comfort and sensation after their ThermiVa treatment, ultimately improving their overall sexual experience.

Ease of Treatment

Finally, thanks to the non-invasive and pain- free technology, ThermiVa is more feasible than ever, for women of all ages. With an outpatient process that takes around 30- 40 minutes, women can leave their appointments without anesthesia, pain or downtime.

With minimal maintenance treatments- approximately 1-2 times per year- women are able to enjoy the benefits of their newly restored vaginal region immediately upon completion.

If you are experiencing any of the above issues, from incontinence to discomfort during sex, or if you are simply unhappy with the loose skin surrounding your vagina, the time is now to take action. At Anew You, we have experienced specialists waiting to help transform your vaginal tissue with the comfort of a small hand-held wand and zero pain. Call today to find out what amazing results you can achieve with ThermiVa!

Our very own Dr. Sherry has been certified & trained to become a    Thermi expert. 

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