Getting Your Life Back with ThermiVa

It’s the “down there dilemmas” most women are too uncomfortable to discuss. The embarrassing moments keeping women on the sidelines. It’s the one thing women could truly use help with- yet so many shy away from.

It’s weak or loose vaginal tissue- but all of that is about to stop.

While it may be a rather awkward detail to discuss for women, the truth is that most women past the age of 30- and especially those who have delivered children- have weakening vaginal tissue. It’s a normal part of life, yet so many refuse to talk about it, let alone fix it. But now, with ThermiVa, it doesn’t have to be a way of life anymore.

So why should you consider ThermiVa with Dr. Sherry?


Without cutting, stitches, shots or downtime, this non-invasive technique helps to give you your life back using temperature-controlled radiofrequencies. It’s 100% pain free and a simple session takes only 30 minutes. Upon leaving your appointment you can immediately hit the gym or head back to work without anyone becoming the wiser.

Helps You Heal

Whether you’ve had one pregnancy or five, the truth is things just- change- down there after deliveries. For women looking to heal quicker and restore their vaginal elasticity, ThermiVa is a perfect solution as early as six weeks post-partum.

Improves Sexual Fulfillment

Dr. Sherry at Anew You Med Spa in San Antonio stands behind ThermiVa & what it can do for women.

Who doesn’t want to enjoy sex more? After a few sessions with ThermiVa, both you and your partner will be reaping the benefits of a tighter, fuller vaginal area. Additionally, it’s not just the tightening- but the lubricating- that comes from restoring the vaginal lips and inner tissue. Now sexual relations with your partner won’t feel uncomfortable, painful or “barely there”- and we promise you’ll both be singing the praises of ThermiVa.

Stops Urinary Incontinence

Jumping jacks? No thank you- unless of course you’ve had your ThermiVa sessions at Anew You already. Say goodbye to the leaking and sudden accidents by strengthening your vaginal tissue without going under the knife.

 It Will Change Your Life

At the end of the day the biggest reason to get ThermiVa is because it will literally change your life in all the best ways. Stop sitting on the sidelines while your kids and partner tickle wrestle and laugh. Go to that yoga class with your girlfriends you’ve been dying to try. Or get back the passion in the bedroom- because you simply deserve it. ThermiVa was created to give you back the most pleasurable aspects of life without surgery, major expenses or downtime. You have the choice to continue missing out- afraid of embarrassing yourself with an accident or leak- or get back to loving life and all there is waiting for you to enjoy.

With permanent results after just 3 treatments, this seems like a no brainer to us! Contact Anew You today to schedule your consult and find out even more of the incredible benefits ThermiVa has to offer.

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