Turning to Fillers: Which Ones Are Best For You?

While there’s something to be said about aging gracefully, we’re the first ones to admit that looking better on the outside can drastically help you feel better on the inside. And why shouldn’t it? With just a few simple injections, we can help brighten your appearance and have you glowing from the inside out. Injectable fillers aren’t one size fits all however, and we want the best solution for your specific needs. Here’s how Dr. Sherry's & our array of filler options can help push the signs of aging away- and help you decide which parts need what:                                                  

Dr. Sherry at Anew You Med Spa uses Juvederm Volbella to plump lips & our clients love it!

Plump Thinning Lips

With age often comes the thinning of naturally full lips. To combat this, Anew You uses Juvederm Volbella that was made for the exact purpose of increasing the size of lips that have lost their volume over time. The smooth gel is known for reducing the chances of overinflating the lips and instead leaves lips looking soft and natural.

Say Bye Bye to Fine Lines

If you’re looking to smooth the lines around your mouth, typically known as smile or frown lines, you’ll want the amazing benefits of a hyaluronic acid type filler. For results that last anywhere from 6 months to a year, Juvederm is an instant fix for those who yearn for a subtly younger look.

Forget Wrinkles

For years it seemed that people associated Botox with the celebrity elites and those that could afford such extravagant cosmetic treatments. Now however, people are using Botox for a variety of reasons from perspiration to headaches- and of course, the almighty wrinkle reducer. At a price point that everyone can afford, Botox is a great solution for minimizing or erasing the wrinkles caused by facial movements over time. And while Botox is technically not a filler, it is still injected as easily as the others, lasting roughly 3 months for most patients.

Filler 101 with Dr. Sherry & Anew You. Which Fillers to Use for face, lips, cheeks, & wrinkles. 

Minimize Eye Circles

It is true that some people are simply naturally darker under their eyes than others, but as we age, this certainly doesn’t get better. The loss of volume under our eyes over the years enhances the dark circles around them, leaving us with an increasingly exhausted look. To minimize the dark hollows around the eyes we turn to a filler similar to Juvederm to fortify and restore the volume. Restylane- which is also a hyaluronic acid filler- is our preferred choice for revitalizing the skin surrounding your eyes and helping your face to bounce back to life.

Perfect Your Cheekbones

Once again, Anew You turns to Juvederm to add volume back into the cheekbones- but this time in the form of their Voluma product. Juvederm Voluma is a thicker, FDA approved form of the hyaluronic filler that will leave incredible results for up to two years.


No matter what it is that you wish to have filled, revitalized or plumped, our team at Anew You can cater to your exact cosmetic needs. Simple fillers require no downtime, are easy to administer and can leave you looking younger in no time. From your smile lines to your crow’s feet, we can reduce the wrinkles and bring back your smoother, youthful skin once again.

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