What is Medical Weight Loss?

As most Americans have, you've probably tried your share of fad diets, weight loss programs, and exercise regimens.  They all promised magical results but delivered very little.  Don't worry.  These results, or lack thereof, are actually very typical!  Losing weight for those who struggle with it is usually a big challenge. You are not alone.

Unmonitored weight loss plans, diets, and exercise programs simply do not help in knocking off those extra pounds. Why? They rarely take the required comprehensive approach that a medically supervised weight loss program will provide. You may think that you've exhausted all weight loss solutions and that there is no more hope. But, you should really know that there is a medical way to safely lose weight.

Dr. Sherry provides the treatment and guidance necessary to help you achieve weight loss and maintain it for life.

A professionally supervised medical weight loss program can be the key to your success.  With the aid of a structured holistic, medical approach, weight loss is no longer an insurmountable challenge.  Shedding excessive pounds now becomes an achievable goal that can be realized relatively quickly, and most importantly, safely for your health.

A well-designed customized medical weight loss program goes far beyond dieting and exercise regimens.  A comprehensive medical approach is used to incorporate fat reduction strategies that fit your specific needs.  


How Can We Help? 

Anew You Medical Weight Loss Clinic offers custom weight loss programs for each client based on their individual goals and needs.  Our programs start with an in depth evaluation of current health and body composition with our state of the art 3D total body analyzer, blood tests, weight and BMI measurements, an EKG, and a consultation with our Medial director, Dr. Sherry Wehner.  Additional testing such as genetic testing for diet and exercise optimization, are available as well.   

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Through our diagnostic services, our medical team will help you identify nutritional deficits and lifestyle issues that are impacting your ability to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight.  During the course of our diagnostic evaluation, clients may discover undiagnosed secondary issues including hypertension, thyroid disorders, hormone and vitamin deficiencies, high cholesterol, diabetes and pre-diabetes, and other conditions that are known obstacles to efficient weight management.  Dr. Sherry is specially trained to treat all these conditions to get your body at its best metabolic and fat burning potential.  

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Based on test results and goals, a personalized program of vitamin and hormone replacement,  workout and exercise plan, customized meal plan, juice cleanse, detox, appetite suppressants, weekly weigh ins and lifestyle coaching will be  recommended.   All packages include access to our state of the art gym, workout classes, cold pressed juices, and discounts on our other spa and hydration services.   Weight loss clients enjoy extra special discounts on Coolsculpting and ThermiTight procedures, which will quickly eliminate fat in the body and chin, to enhance your goal of a thinner self even more rapidly!

Our Weight Loss Services and Products

  • Weekly Meetings and Weigh Ins

  • Access to Personal Nutritionist and Personal Chef

  • Calorie Journal

  • Dr. Sherry's personal line of appetite suppressants, fat burners, and vitamins and supplements

  • Coolsculpting

  • Thermitight

*Individual results may vary.

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