5 Simple Tips to Celebrating the Holidays Without Busting Your Diet

The holidays are no joke when it comes to maintaining our waistlines. Starting with the candy from Halloween all the way through the (multiple) glasses of bubbly for New Year’s Eve, it’s easy to understand how someone gets knocked off course- even with the best of intentions. At Anew You, we understand you want to indulge a bit, but still stay on track- especially to look your best for 2019. We have a few tricks up our sleeves for maneuvering the holiday feasts- and don’t worry you can still eat, drink and be merry.


Plan Your Meals

Dr. Sherry & Anew You Med Spa Staff in San Antonio are here with Ideal Protein Specials.

Meal planning and prepping isn’t just about saving time- it also helps to plan healthy options for the whole week, instead of having to call for pizza delivery last minute. With that being said, use the same concept to plan your holiday menus so that you know that what you’re putting on the table is wholesome, nutritious and beneficial to your- and your family’s- health goals.

This is particularly helpful if you’re the one hosting the holiday events. Show your guests that healthy can still be delicious when done right. We recommend using the Ideal Protein Protocol method that helps you to deliver flavor without sacrificing your hard work.


Bring a Healthy Dish

If you’re not the one hosting the meal, still reach out to the host and ask to contribute. Not only do you look like a gracious guest, but you’ll be able to bring at least ONE dish that is diet friendly to the table. In fact, offer to make one of the more notorious belt-busting dishes- replacing them with items such as the Ideal Protein Mac and Cheese or Mushroom Risotto- to swap in the good for the bad.


Eat Before Your Go

Don’t starve yourself prior to going if you think that skipping a meal will help balance out your caloric intake. In all likelihood, the exact opposite will happen, leaving you vulnerable to over snacking and eating.

Instead, enjoy a small meal before you head to your parties so your belly is full and your cravings are reduced. Running late and don’t have time to sit down? A meal replacement shake would work in this occasion, as well.


Engage and Socialize

It is a party after all, right? Put down the cocktail napkin full of finger foods and get to socializing with the guests. By enjoying the conversations and company happening around you, you’ll be less likely to stand guard over the refreshments.

Another trick is to always be holding something to reduce the temptation of picking something up on the go. Whether you’re holding the newest baby at the party or a glass of ice water, as long as your hands are busy, you’ll be less likely to snack.


Holiday Tips when you're on Ideal Protein. Anew You Med Spa & Dr. Sherry are here to help you through the holidays while maintaining a diet & healthy lifestyle.

Skip the Drinks

We know this one may seem like a bummer for a lot of folks, but giving into the temptation to drink is bad for 2 reasons. First, the alcohol, beer or wine is empty calories and sugars that you simply can’t afford to be taking in. Secondly, everyone knows that drinking lowers inhibitions and impacts our self-control. While the one or two cocktails may not cause irreparable damage to your diet, it’s the alcohol-induced noshing that comes with it that truly puts a needle in your weight-loss efforts.

To be safe, it’s better to abstain from drinking altogether- though a mocktail never hurt anyone. Again, Ideal Protein is there to save the (holi)day with their Cranberry and Pomegranate flavored drink mix that is delicious and festive for every party this season.


It can be tough to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout the holidays- there’s no denying that. But a leaner, healthier body is the best reward for hard work and sacrifice every time. Thankfully, with a few secret tips- and products, such as the ones from Ideal Protein- your sacrifice doesn’t have to feel so hard after all. This season, enjoy the moments with your loved ones, celebrate the true reasons for every season and stay motivated for that phenomenal body just waiting to be flaunted in the New Year!

Dr. Sherry and the staff at Anew You Med Spa, in San Anotnio, are here for you on your weight loss journey from start to finish. Ideal Protein is a great way for men & women to lose weight while being able to maintain a healthy lifestyle even after they accomplish their weight loss goals. The main thing about Ideal Protein is that its a lifestyle not a diet! 

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