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Consequences of Obesity

Our Renua 3D Body Analyzer is a powerful, state of the art analysis tool in managing our patient’s health.  This device provides a full health assessment within minutes with a fast, noninvasive test that measures multiple health risk factors.  In addition to providing body fat percentage and distribution, BMI, resting metabolic rate, hydration levels, and intracellular and extracellular water, like many of the advanced body composition machines you will find at upscale gyms and other weight loss physicans’ offices,  this powerful machine also measures EKG, cardiovascular risks such as vascular atheroma, atherosclerosis, left ventricular hypertrophy, and inflammation, diabetes risk factors, liver health, prostate cancer risk in men, thyroid function, neural function, vascular function, and brain neurotransmitter levels.  This system is ideal for diagnosing factors leading to trouble losing weight or regaining weight after loss, fatigue, depressed mood, aching joints, and more.  It’s hard to take action if you don’t know what the source of the problem is, and that is not always apparent.  The good news is we can help!  The Renua 3D body analyzer is quick, non-invasive, and covered by most insurance providers.  Contact us today to learn how the Renua 3D body analyzer can help you be your healthiest, happiest self!