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Giving birth is an amazing miracle that we as women are blessed to experience, but there is no doubt that it can wreak havoc on our bodies. 

As a proud mamma myself, I have researched all the latest technologies to help us moms look and feel our best!  

These include:

Vampire Breast Lift




Laser Spider Vein Removal

Hormone Therapy

Medical Weight Loss

Dr. Sherry and her "babies", Wes and Conley

Dr. Sherry and her "babies", Wes and Conley

For the month of June I am offering an AMAZING special, because you are AMAZING and you deserve it!  If you purchase my basic Nonsurgical Mommy Makeover package including the Vampire Breast Lift, Coolsculpting for your tummy, and Thermiva, I will add in a FREE PDO Thread Breast Rejuvenation AND O-Shot!  This is an awesome special and I really hope you take advantage!  I'm looking forward to seeing you and helping you become Anew You!          xoxo, Dr. Sherry         



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