Monthly Specials from
Anew You Weight Loss & Med Spa

We love providing our clients opportunities to try new beauty procedures.  Visit our monthly specials page every month to find out what's new at Anew You!


Shape Your Summer Special

There's no time like the summer time. But we get that you may have a few pesky pounds that you want gone before hitting the beach or pool. 

Choose four small areas to get coolsculpted for the price of three areas, start a five-day juice cleanse, and relax into our Exfoliating Sugar Body Polish. 


Slimmer Stronger Summer Special

At Anew You we're all about comfort. You won't have to worry about yelling or someone throwing weights. Our personal trainers will work to rebuild your body, without all of the yelling. 

Start with one Renua 3D Body Analyzer session, receive a one-month gym membership (which includes private gym, personal trainers, and discounts at the Juice Bar), and one IV Therapy session of your choice.


Smoother Sexier Summer Special

O-snap it's already summer time! We've got you covered, under what you're trying to cover this summer. 

Choose one wax of your choice, one massage of your choice, and receive our O-Shot. 

The O-Shot® is a revolutionary nonsurgical treatment that uses a patient's own blood platelets to activate growth factors that rejuvenate the female orgasm system.


A Splash of Summer

Visit Anew You for a splash of relaxation before taking on all that summer has to offer!

Choose one wax of your choice, Hydrating Facial, one IV Drip session of your choice, as well as one massage of your choice.