Genetic Testing by Pathway Fit®


PathwayFIT® examines specific genetic markers to give you personal insight about how your body processes sugars, fats, vitamins and nutrients.


Pathway Fit® analyzes genetic markers associated with how your body responds to various macronutrients. Each patient is provided with a matching diet type based on the genetic test results. The matching diet types are: low fat, low carbohydrate, Mediterranean, and balanced. You also have the choice of ordering one meal plan type: Standard, Gluten-Free, Pregnancy & Lactation, Dairy-Free, and Vegetarian. Pathway Genomics’ team of registered dietitians are available to discuss each diet plan and determine the best caloric intake for you.

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Specifically, the PathwayFit® genetic test will tell you personalized information about these diet-related factors:

PathwayFit Weight Loss Chart

Working Smarter, Not Harder Never Sounded So Good.

The Anew You PathwayFit® report includes a detailed analysis on how your body responds to exercise based upon your genetics. By providing an individualized roadmap of strategies and recommendations, our testing guides you towards optimal health.