Our Infrared Body Slimming Wrap can help you along your journey to reaching your personal goals, as well as be a kick start to your weight loss plan or just in case of an “emergency” for when you need to get into that little black dress for a special night out!


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Benefits of Infrared Body Slimming Wraps

Reduction in the Appearance of Cellulite

Loss of Inches

Stimulation of Fibroblasts and Collagen

Reduction in Chronic and Acute Pain

Improved Skin Hydration

Release of Toxins through Sweating

Mood Improvement

Deep Relaxation

Improved Sleep

These results can be maintained with regular treatments and are a perfect adjunct to a healthy lifestyle including drinking LOTS of water, eating healthy foods, exercising, and working on your other health goals that we will be happy to assist you with as you transform into Anew You!