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Environmental and Food Allergies can cause a wide range of symptoms, which you may not be aware of being caused by allergies.

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Some of the Symptoms of Allergies Include:

Weight gain or difficulty losing weight


Skin rashes


Stomach discomfort or irregularity

Itchy eyes

Nasal congestion/drainage

Sinus infections

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)



Low Mood/Depression

Joint Pain Hyperactivity/ADD

Kidney Problems

All of these symptoms and more can be caused by everyday allergens such as your beloved pets, mold in your home or work, environment, foods that you aren't aware that you are allergic to, and more.

Allergies can be either seasonal or perennial depending on the cause and nature of them. Don't let Allergies affect your day to day activities. We have the most up-to-date methodologies to prevent allergies from getting the best of you. Let us help you figure out the cause so you can get back outside & living your life! 

Covered by most insurance!

Sherry Wehner, MD, Owner and Medical Director of Anew You in San Antonio, is Board Certified in the Study of Disease and wants to help you live your best life ever!

Common Allergens


Dust Mites

Did you know that about 20 million Americans have a dust mite allergy? Dust mites are among the top cause of year-round allergies.


Animal Dander

They may be our best friends but our allergies worst enemy. Don’t get rid of your best friend! Get rid of your allergies!


Certain Food Products

Many foods can cause allergies and you may not even be aware that what you are eating is sucking the energy out of you. The most common are shellfish, nuts, & grains. 


Weed or Grass Pollen

Texas has a wide range of grass species that have different peaks throughout the year causing people to suffer more than just one season. 



Though sometimes we may not see it, mold is almost everywhere and it can cause some serious allergic reactions. 


Insect Stings

There are an array of insects that can cause an allergic reaction. The most common are spiders, wasps, bees & scorpions.

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